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New Primary Teacher Joining Our Family

Dear families,

We were told late Friday afternoon (8/23/19) that because of the high numbers of students in the primary grades (K, 1, 2), Riverbend will be given an additional teacher for our primary team. This is fantastic news for this team because the class sizes were very high and this can make it hard for kids to learn. However, it means change for our teachers, families, and students. We know this may also be challenging.

I am working with the teacher team to make thoughtful plans for this an additional classroom. Nothing will change for the second week of school. We do not need to rush into this change. Our goal is to make sure that students are prepared and feel comfortable with the changes we make.
What is happening now:
• We will be recruiting for a new primary teacher. The date this person will be hired is not yet known, but we will do it as quickly as possible.

• A substitute will be provided for this position until we hire. For the time being, the substitute will serve as a teacher’s aide to support the K and 1 classrooms. We will continue to have other available adults provide extra support as possible.

• A teacher team will consider options for creating a new classroom. Our goal is to have balanced classrooms so that each group has the same opportunity for successful learning and community. We consider a variety of factors, including gender, ethnicity, academic strengths and challenges, and social skills. Each child’s educational needs are considered throughout the placement process. While we do our best to accommodate parent preferences, we prioritize balanced classrooms.

• Some teachers will be moving rooms. No K or 1 classrooms will be moving. Moving will happen the weekend of August 31.
• A new schedule will be put together over the next week; your child’s teacher will share it with you as soon as it is finished.

We will share more information with the parents of students in the primary grades by the end of the day on Tuesday. Thank you for your patience as we get all of the information we need to make the best decisions possible.


Elizabeth Pisel-Davis
Elizabeth Pisel-Davis, Interim Principal

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