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Think Time

Riverbend uses the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) model to help students know what is expected of them and to help them manage their own behavior.  One method we use in classrooms is ‘Think Time’.  When students are off-task they will be given a specific warning from their teacher, “check your behavior.”  If the student continues to be off task they will be given a ‘think time’.  They will go to another area nearby to reflect and answer the following questions, ‘what was your behavior, what behavior do you need to display when you go back to the classroom, will you be able to do it?’  If a student handles it appropriately they are able to return to the classroom.  If they are not able to do this appropriately the principal is called and they will do an 'administrative think time'.  This will include additional time for reflection in the office as well as a more thorough form to complete before returning to class.


Students are not considered in trouble when they get a think time.  However, if they get 4 or more in one week that would mean that they are not learning how to manage their behavior with this opportunity.   Therefore, students who receive 4 or more classroom think times or 1 or more administrative think times in a week will receive a lunch detention on Friday's.  This will be served in a separate setting and they will also lose their lunch recess for that time as well.  Parents will be notified by email if their child is in lunch detention.  That email will include the think time forms for your child.  If you do not have email available, the forms will be sent home with your child, with the expectation that they will share them with you.  To ensure this happens we request that you sign the form and return it to school. 


If/when you receive notice of your child having lunch detention we request that you discuss this in a serious manner.  At this point, it means that your child is disrespecting their teacher and their peers by interrupting the learning environment repeatedly.  A simple consequence could be to take away video games or some other preferred activity for an evening.  If your child continues to receive lunch detentions we will meet with you to discuss a behavior plan.  We may also encourage parents to spend some time in the classroom at that point.


Many of you will never receive a notice, because your children will never have lunch detention.  This is simply a way of informing you of our high expectations for behavior at Riverbend.  We want all students to have a positive learning environment!  For those of you who do receive a notice, please realize it is not the end of the world as long as your child learns from the consequence and begins to make better choices.  If this is not the case and you receive additional notices, I really hope that we can work together to help your child be more successful.

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